100 Days of Water (and an intro)

With my revitalised enthusiasm for goal setting, I am going to give myself a series of 100 day challenges.  They will all look different. Some may be 100 days in a row.  Some may be 100 days in a year (or some other time period).  Some I will focus soley on one thing for 100 days and sometimes I will have a few running concurrently.

My first 100 Days challenge is 100 days of water.  So, my target is 100 days of drinking 3L a day of mostly water (other possible drinks include herbal tea, the occasional glass of juice, iced tea or the odd smoothie).  I’m giving myself the target of 150 days (which is 7th Sept) in which to reach 100 days of water.  Today will be a challenge – I’m having surgery later today and in an hour’s time I’m nil by mouth until after the surgery.  But I’ve drunk 1L already today, so I’m hoping it is still achievable.

Of course, there are lots of benefits to drinking plenty of water.  When you exercise, you lose water through sweat and through your breath.  When you’re properly hydrated you are less likely to confuse thirst with hunger (which means less snacking that I don’t need).  Water refreshes your skin, keeps all your body systems functioning well and makes you look younger.  But for me, I have to make a lifelong commitment to staying on top of hydration in order to minimise my risk of further kidney stones.  Dehydration is the leading cause of a kidney stone developing, and the kidneys being well flushed can help prevent kidney stones even if they are forming for other reasons.

So I’ve chosen water first as it’s something I have to be mindful of and it’s something I can do even while I’m recovering from surgery.

Bottom’s up!


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